Tengri 137, the puzzle continues (2017)

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Solving the "Tengri 137" riddle is hard without help of the community. Help us to understand the last piece of this extraordinary riddle.  

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What exact is "Tengri 137" ?

Tengri 137 is a riddle designed by an unknown group, organisation (or maybe aliens). First days we think that this riddle is a cheap copy of "cicada 3301" riddle. But the knowledge and the story behind this riddle cannot be a joke. It's to complex to be a scam!


  • link to quantum physics (~ 1/137 fine-structure constant, God's number),
  • incredible Magic cubes with links to Bible verses,
  • perfect magic circles,
  • perfect magic squares,
  • link to cicada 3301 and warning for the cicada solvers,
  • calculations with up to 57 decimal place primes (7 pages calculation with prime numbers) !!!

like: 22 × 32 × 13-1 ×19 × 31× 103 × 74471 × 1040965627066935438079 × 9345780681437209204918379 × 533697916086958333297933335713981136359361541018286944327-1

  • and and and...

Good news: The first ~16 Pages are in runes written without any cipher. You can translate it easely.

Bad news: Last 7 pages are hard to calculate! *Page 23 is translated but* no way to find out what the message is!

All interested are welcome to help us.


Opening image


Opening image for Tengri 137 riddle!


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